How To Download ICICI Credit Card Statement

ICICI credit cardholders have the facility to download the monthly statement from a smartphone or computer. After a few transactions from the ICICI credit card, the download option appears to get the statement. This article talks about how to download the statement.


Things Required to Download ICICI Credit Card Statement 

  1. Registered mobile number.
  2. Active mobile banking and its user ID and password.
  3. Download and activate iMobile Application to ICICI credit card statement.

How to Download ICICI Credit Card Statement Online

There are majorly 3 ways to download the Statement. They are as follows –

  1. Through iMobile Application
  2. ICICI Internet Banking
  3. Download the statement received over Email

ICICI Credit Card Statement Download Via iMobile Application

  • Download the iMobile Application on the device.
  • Register and log into the application.
  • Log in to the application using the four-digit MPIN or fingerprint authentication.
  • Click on the ‘My Cards’ option from the main menu.
  • Select the card from the credit card section.
  • Click on ‘Statement’ and then select the ‘Download Statement PDF’ option.
  • Select the month of the statement that has to download and then click on ‘download’.

Download the card statement through Internet Banking

  • In the main menu click on ‘My Accounts and then from the drop-down menu, tap on e-Statement.
  • On the next page, select the ‘Credit Cards’ option and click on the GO option.
  • On the new page select the ‘One Month Statement or Annual Statement’ option as per the requirement. 
  • Select the credit card number and Period.
  • Click on the PDF icon to download the statement.

Download ICICI Credit Card Statement Received on the Email.

  • After registering the Email Address in the bank, the monthly statement will be sent over mail.
  • ICICI bank sends Emails after monthly statement generation.
  • One can download the PDF to view the statement.
  • Although a password will be required to view the statement.

How to view the PDF statement. ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement Password.

Password is required to view the Credit card statement. This password is a unique combination of letters and numbers set by the bank.

  • The first four letters of the password are the first four letters of the credit card holder’s name as displayed on the credit card.
  • The next four are the digits of the date and month of birth. It is in DDMM format.
  • The password will be in lowercase. No special characters or spaces are to be added.

For example, the name of the cardholder is Rahul and the date of birth is 11 January 1986. Then the password will be rahu1101.


How frequently Credit card statement are received on email?

After registering for the email credit card statement the account holder can opt for daily/weekly/monthly statements via email.

Who can register for ICICI Bank statement by e-mail? 

All the current and savings account holders of ICICI bank can register for a Statement via Email. 

The account holder will continue to receive the hard copies of the statement after opting for email statements? 

Once the statements through email are activated the account holder will no longer receive the hard copies of the statements. 

How to view ICICI credit card Statement Online without username password? 

Go to the ICICI credit card login window> Enter the ICICI credit card number> Fill the date of birth> Then fill the credit card valid details > then click on Submit> the credit card statement will appear on the screen. 

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