How To Find Cheque Number, MICR, and IFSC Code on a Cheque

A chequebook is a booklet of documents that orders the bank to pay a particular amount of money from a person’s bank account to another bank account. It is issued against the savings and current account. 

A cheque number is a Six-digit number that helps to identify any cheque. The objective of adding a number in a chequebook so that banks can detect any fraud. It makes sure that it is not present twice in the bank. 

All the payments made using the cheque are a form of cashless transaction. 


How to Find The Cheque Number 

The First Six-Digit number written at the bottom left corner is the cheque number. This number is uniquely assigned to each cheque leaf to given a specific identity to the cheque.

How to Find MICR Code?

MICR (Magnetic Link Character Recognition Code) helps identify the bank and the branch. The MICR code is divided into three different parts. 

  1. CITY code – The first 3 numbers in MICR represent the city.
  2. BANK Code – The next 3 numbers in MICR represent the BANK Code.
  3. BRANCH Code – The last 3 numbers in MICR represent the branch.

How To Find IFSC Code?

The IFSC code of your bank branch is mentioned in the cheque book itself. The full address of the branch is mentioned in the top left corner. At the end of the address, there is an 11-digit code that is the IFSC Code. 

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