How To Find CIF Number in Central Bank of India

Every bank assigns a unique number called a CIF or the Customer Information File number. The number is used to identify the customer and its accounts under the central bank branches if the customer holds multiple accounts like a savings account, deposits, loan account, Demat account, etc.

It is a 10-digit code that stores all the information about a customer’s personal and account information. This information includes:

  • Account ownership information
  • Credit relationships
  • All types of accounts held by the customer
  • Customer’s loans
  • Demat Account
  • KYC information like address, identification information, photo ID, etc. 

Here’s a guide to finding the CIF number in the Central Bank of India.


Get CIF Number Using Passbook

Passbook has the CIF number printed on the first page on the top right corner.

Central Bank of India CIF Number by Contacting the Customer Care

The account-holders can contact the Central Bank of India Customer Care to get the CIF number.

Customer care number – 1800221911

The customer care person will ask for the account number and the reason to know the CIF number. The executive will the CID number associated with the number. 

Internet Banking to know CIF Number

  • Log in with the User ID and password on the Central Bank of India Website to use this service.
  • After login, the CIF number will appear beside the name of the account holder.

Cent mPassbook Mobile Application to know CIF number

  • Login with User ID and password.
  • On the menu, click on User Profile.
  • The CIF number will appear on the screen.

The Central Bank of India provides services online well offline for the comfort of its wide range of customers. The customers can use these methods to get their CIF number. For any query or problem, the customers can contact the Central Bank of India customer care service.

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