How to get India Post Payment Bank Customer ID

India Post Payment Bank customer ID is a unique 10-digit customer ID number that is given to every account holder when they open an account. A customer can have multiple accounts attached to one customer ID. This customer ID can be used to trace banking activities and to operate internet as well as mobile banking. If you have forgotten your Customer ID then here are the ways you can get it.


Customer ID through IPPB passbook

The first page of the IPPB passbook carries the account number as well as the customer ID number of the account holder.

Customer ID through IPPB Account Statement

  • To get the Customer ID through the Account statement, open the registered email id. Then search IPPB on te ssearch bar.
  • The screen will display all the emails sent by the IPPB.
  • Open any ‘Account-statement’ email.
  • Then open the statement PDF by entering the unique password.
  • The top left corner will show the customer ID of the account holder.

Customer ID through Customer Care

  • The IBBP Customer care can also be contacted to know the Customer ID. 
  • IBBP Customer care number is – 155299
  • Call the customer care service, then follow the computerized instructions.
  • The call will then be directed to the representative.
  • After asking a few account-related questions it will tell you the Customer ID number. 

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