Write a Bank Statement Request Letter to Manager

A Bank Statement is a summary of all the transactions of an account holder or business. This article discusses how to write the request application to the manager. 

A Bank issues the Statement on a monthly basis. The bank statement includes a list of all the transactions, deposits, withdrawals in the form of cash or cheque, bank charges, and fees for any services. The bank directly mails the statement every month to the account holder or keeps it in the branch for pickup. To keep a record of income and expenses the bank statement becomes very important. 


Format of Application for Bank Statement to Bank Manager


Receiver’s Name,

Receiver’s Address,



Sender’s Name 

Sender’s Address

Subject : 

Respected Sir/ Madam,




Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the sender. 


How to Write the Letter to Bank

  1. Write the Recipient Name & Address on the Top Left Corner of Letter– start the letter with the receiver’s details on the left side. In this case, the letter is to be written to the Bank Manager. Mention the name of the bank, name of the branch, and complete address with the area zip code. 
  2. Place the date directly below the recipient’s address – Write the date while writing the letter. The date should be mentioned leaving one line after the receiver’s address. 
  3. Write the sender’s name & address – Account holder must write their own address requesting bank statement to the manager. Write the name, adder with area code. If the writer is a company’s representative then write the company’s address and details. 
  4. Subject – it is a short one-line description stating the reason behind writing the letter. The subject is the first thing a person sees while reading a letter. The subject, in this case, can be, “Subject – Requesting Bank Statement for my account XXXXXX from date XXXX to date XXXX.” 
  5. 5. Salutation – Always use salutation in the letter. Use Mr/Mrs/ Respected Sir/Madam as salutation as the letter is to be written to the bank manager. 
  6. 6. Body of the letter – It is the most important part of the letter. The body should be divided into two or three paragraphs. The first paragraph introduces the sender and writes the purpose of the letter. The second paragraph gives more details about the letter. The writer can mention the reason for requesting the bank statement and other related details. At the end summarise the letter by adding a conclusion. 
  7. 7. End with Appropriate Salutation – End the letter with ‘Your Sincerely’, Name, and Signature. 

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