Best Apps for Trading Crypto in 2021 – An Expert’s Opinion

If you want to get rich via trading in crypto, you need the right tools for it. This article highlights the best Apps for Trading Crypto.

With the dramatic rise of Bitcoin(BTC) and the rising distrust in governments and financial institutions, Cryptocurrency seems like the next revolution after the Internet. 

Cryptocurrency leaves the government out of the picture and is based on mutual trust and a consolidated belief in technology and blockchain. 


Requirements to be in our best Apps for Trading Crypto 

  1. Must be beginner-friendly.
  2.  No doubts about the safety of money.
  3. Commissions and Hidden Charges.

The requirements have been ranked in a hierarchy, i.e., Being beginner-friendly is the most important factor and safety of money is the second most important.

The reason that the safety of money is given 2nd instead of 1st is that the websites have been shortlisted after talking to dozens of other traders and the websites given by them are tried and tested by millions of people.

Following is the list of the best Apps for trading Crypto. Do note that ‘best’ is subjective but this should work for most.

The List of the Best Apps for Trading Crypto 

Top 3 Apps to Trade Crypto

1. Binance –  

The undefeated king is Binance. Every single trader recommended this on top out of all the Apps available for trading crypto.

Binance is beginner-friendly.

It is much faster than its peers/ competitors. 

If you are interested in NFTs as well, look no further – Binance is for you. 

The website offers almost all cryptos available. 

It offers a beginner-friendly version (binance lite) within the app that allows you to get used to crypto. The interface is so simple that a 12-year-old can understand it.

The website offers different charges which are minimal in nature.

Do note that you will also have to pay conversion fees(INR to $ or otherwise) as the app is not Indian. 

2. CoinDCX 

An app that is very easy to use. 

This lies on the top of Apps for trading crypto for beginners.

In our opinion, it is as easy to use as BinanceLite –  but if you need more information, DCX isn’t for you. 

The app is super simple to use. It is beginner-friendly, the KYC is done quickly. 

The reason it is second to Binance is that it might not be able to handle as much volume – in case it occurs.

The trading fee for both, Taker as well as Maker is just 0.1%. 

Using CoinDCX over Binance for trading crypto would be better for most due to the absence of a conversion fee.

3. WazirX

Number 3 on the list, is… well… Binance, but for India, literally. 

Binance acquired WazirX in 2019 to create a ‘crypto-to-fiat gateway for the Indian audience. 

Rest assured, the security here cannot be doubted. 

WazirX does not have any hidden charges but takes 0.2% in maker and taker fees. 

The reason WazirX ranks 3 and not 2 is because it is not as user-friendly as CoinDCX and charges a higher amount. However, it does offer a larger number of currencies to trade. 

 3. ZebPay – 

This app was a surprise. 

ZebPay has been in business since 2014.

It is beginner-friendly, very easy to use, and is very secure as well.

To add further, the makers’ fee here is just 0.1% but if you want to place an order immediately, a taker’s fee of 0.25% needs to be given. 

You also have an annual membership fee which you can avoid paying.

The only problem we found was that there are not enough tradable currencies available. 

If you are a beginner and you don’t need a lot of currencies, you might as well use CoinDCX. 

5. CoinSwitch Kuber

You already know about this app if you watched the India-Pakistan match. 

The app is user-friendly. It is simple to use and gives you a ton of cryptos to speculate on.

What is even better about this app is that it offers you articles under “Recommended Reads”.

The app does not have any hidden charges and its trading fee stands at 0.5%. 

However, we have some problems with the app. 

  1. It isn’t that fast. It has been observed by us and several other traders that the app is not as fast as you want it to be. This, of course, is a personal preference. 
  2. The major problem lies in the fact that often there is a difference between actual price and selling price which might be an issue especially if you use intraday. 

So close yet so far… for Indians. 

CoinBase – the app for beginners, period. 

The app charges a decent amount of money in commissions but if you care little about that, this is perfect.

However, this app is not available for the Indian market. 

The Best App for Trading Crypto

Binance is King!

For most of the people reading the article, Binance will do it. 

If you are still confused – you can use BinanceLite to get an idea. 

However, if you wish to trade only in the major cryptos, CoinDCX it is.

CoinDCX is made for beginners and charges less too. 

Ultimately, you do not need to look aside from these applications – if one isn’t for you, the other should do it. 

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