BOI HRMS: Bank of India Employees Portal Login

BOI (Bank of India) was established in the year 1906 and is headquartered in Mumbai. In 1969 the bank was nationalized by the Indian government. The bank is famous for providing the best banking service to its customers. Now, the bank can provide world-class service through the HRMS portal.

Bank of India HRMS Portal

The bank designed the HRMS portal for its employees and retired pensioners. HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. It helps in the automation of employees’ tasks. It assists the bank to cater the needs and requirements of its employees. Every employee must have all the necessary information of the portal to utilise the portal to its full potential.

The HRMS portal is designed to serve mainly two purposes: 

  • Human Capital Management 
  • Enterprise resource planning  

Services Provided by BOI HRMS Portal

The BOI HRMS portal provides a wide range of vital services, they are :

  • History of account transaction 
  • Pension plan applicable for employees
  • Appraisal and leaves of employees
  • BOI Account balance
  • Account statement download
  • Employee’s salary and pension and salary slip
  • Gratuity nomination
  • Holiday calendar
  • Information of medical facility to employees and reimbursements
  • Provident fund nomination
  • Status of closed or active loan

Who can Log in to the BOI HRMS Portal?

All the BOI employees are eligible to access the portal, these include serving and retired employees. This portal is common to all employees across India. Access to the portal can be provided by the bank to others if desired. All the employee-related information is stored on its portal. The employees can get access to the portal online or through an application.

How to Login to BOI HRMS Portal? 

As mentioned above, only the BOI employees have access to the portal, so the login will username and password provided by the bank. The bank manager provides the login details to its employees. Here are the steps to log in to the BOI HRMS portal:

  • Go to the BOI staff website.
  • Enter username and password correctly.
  • Click on ‘Sign-in’. The site will open to the BOI HRMS account.

After completion of the task, log out from the HRMS account. Do not save the password on the site if the user is visiting the site in public or on other’s device.

How to Reset Portal Password?

In case the employee forgets the password, there is an easy way to reset the password. Here are the steps to get the new password:

  • Go to the BOI staff portal.
  • Click on Forgot password. A new page will appear.
  • The portal will ask the user to fill in some necessary information like employee ID and Question ID. Enter correct answers to the questions.
  • Submit the answers.
  • Make and enter the New password and confirm it.
  • The employee can log in with the new password. 

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