BOI Online Banking Transaction Password Reset

BOI (Bank Of India) has a host of online services for its customer to access their bank account. The bank also provides a special BOI transaction password for crucial and important transactions. To access important transactions, the account holder needs to enter the transaction password. This password is different from the login password. In case the account holder forgets the password it can be reset. This article talks about resetting the transaction password. 


Things required to Change the BOI Transaction Password

  • Registered mobile number with the bank.
  • Internet banking Username and password.
  • ATM Card number, Expiry date, and ATM PIN. 

Resetting the Transaction Password. 

  • Log in with BOI Username and Password.
  • On the main dashboard click on the Options menu.
  • On the next page click on the Regenerate Transaction Password option.
  • The registered mobile number will receive an OTP. Fill in the OTP and click on Continue.
  • On the next page enter the Debit Card Number, Expiry date, and ATM PIN, and then click on Continue.
  • After the verification of the details, enter the New Transaction Password.
  • Re-enter the password and then click on Continue to save the password.
  • New BOI Transaction Password will be reset and the notification will be sent via SMS.  

Things to Remember Before Resetting Transaction Password

  • Fund transfer facility must be available on the bank account to reset the transaction password.
  • If the details of the debit card are entered wrong, then the process of resetting the transaction password will be stopped for the next 24 hours.
  • The transaction password cannot be changed for the next seven days once it has been set.
  • If the account holder has changed their mobile number then wait for 24 hours to reset the password.

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