What are Penny Stocks?

When a company wants to grow, it needs money to do so. The company can either use debt or equity to get money. Companies that go ‘public’ i.e. companies that do an IPO raise money via equity - these are called Public Limited Companies. So on a very fundamental level, every company that does an … Continue reading What are Penny Stocks?

High-Quality Low PE Stocks to Buy Today

PE ratios have been the yardstick to measure, on face value, how cheap or expensive a stock is. Naturally, Low PE Shares are preferred over High PE shares as they appear 'cheap'. Interest Rates and PE ratios have a weird connection. Interest rates influence the movement of stock prices. If interest rates around the world … Continue reading High-Quality Low PE Stocks to Buy Today

Best Low Price Shares to Buy Today

Now that discount brokerages are there, retail investors have been spared brokerage fees. While it may sound that 1% makes no difference, use a compound interest calculator and find the difference. That being said, there is still the absence of a proper corpus with retail investors because of which buying Low Price Shares seem attractive. … Continue reading Best Low Price Shares to Buy Today

Undervalued Stocks in India

'Investing today is buying tomorrow' but if you overpay today, you don't make money tomorrow. The only way to make money is to buy undervalued stocks. Undervalued stocks are those which are available at a price less than what they will be in the future. We have compiled a list of stocks that in our … Continue reading Undervalued Stocks in India