What Is My SBI Credit Card Statement Password?

State Bank of India provides a wide range of credit card services to its account-holders. SBI sends credit card statements over Email every month after the bill is generated. SBI card statement is protected by password and one must remember the password to open the E-statement password. The article contains step by step method to see the credit card statement password and how to open an old E-statement. 

What is My SBI Credit Card Statement Password?

The latest format to open Credit Card Statement Password is mentioned below- 

The first eight eights of the password are the date of birth of the account-holder in DD/MM/YYYY format. And, the last four digits of the password are the SBI Card’s last four digits. 

For example, the date of birth of the account-holder is 6th May 1985 and the credit card’s last four digits are 9876 then the password to open the SBI card E-statement password will be 060519859876. 

How to Open Old SBI Card Statement

SBI’s previous format of password to open card statements is a 16-digit primary card number. 

How To Download SBI Credit Card Statement.

To download the SBI Card statement from the SBI application, doesn’t require a password. It can be accessed directly from the phone. 

PDF E-statement from SBI Card statement also does not require a password to open. 

Safety Measures to be taken while getting Credit Card’s Statement Password. 

  • Do not share E-statement with anyone. Password can be removed from the statement and can then be shared with others. 
  • Download SBI credit card E-statement from SBI official website or application. Do not open any suspicious mail asking to download the e-statement. 
  • Do not share OTP, CVV, or any card details if someone calls or sends any message asking for such details. 

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